Science, communication and art.

Katherinne Herrera-Jordan


Since I was little, I wanted to be a scientist, as I grew up, that’s still my dream. Currently I’m an undergraduate student of Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of the Valley of Guatemala. I’m passionate for a continuous learning and the innovation, applicating the knowledge I acquire. I’ve been part of different projects of scientific investigation in the areas of microbiology, space microbiology, biology and ecology. Besides that, I’ve been involved in the development of different methodologies and protocols in those areas, along with areas of instrumental chemical analysis and quality control. My story is a good example of how the curiosity and the capacity of looking at the world with the eyes of a little kid (“wira” in Guatemala is the word that people use to refer to a little kid in some places of the country), can help you to accomplish things, do important questions and resolve complicated problems.

“Being smart will count for nothing if you don’t make the world better. You have to use your smarts to count for something, to serve life, not death”. -Elisabet Sobeck, Horizon Zero Dawn

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You can also find me here:
All Biotech Leader
Student Intern: Space Biofilms Project
Student Intern: Simulated Micro-, Lunar and Martian Gravity Microbial Research
Outstanding Student 2019
Co-founder and President of the Guatemalan Association of Space Engineering and Sciences


In AstroWira you can learn about my story in the space area and the activities I have available and what tools I can provide for you to get involved more in the Guatemalan Space Area.


In this page you can learn more about the spiders of Guatemala. What we know about the biodiversity and my contributions with some photographic reports. You can help me investigate spiders of my country and in this page, I tell you how.


In this page I show the art I do; tattoo designs, illustrations, art illustrations, etc.